Eladrin Summoner Swarm Druid, flavored as Golemist
Extra Skill is Forest Improvisation


Heron (born Leyyah Elysheth) is an Eladrin druid who has spent all of her two centuries in the wilderness. She was born into a sect of druids and shamans who worshipped a primal goddess called She Beyond the Walls. Druids in the service of She took nature names and learned an ancient art of infusing inanimate objects with life and turning them into golems. They used this power to defend the wilderness from encroaching civilization, sometimes even pushing back by destroying city walls and outposts. Members of the sect were hunted by town militias and the cities spread and engulfed the wilderness, so the followers of She were nearly exterminated. Young Heron, then only 112 years old and orphaned, left her ruined planet (called Tauresiril) and traveled to the planet we’re playing on, the first one she found that was wild enough to suit her. She has since been working as an explorer and a guide through the treacherous untamed areas. She has been hired by the current party as a guide for a share of their stuff-selling profits.


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