99 Problems but a Lich Ain't One

Session 2: Watch out Heron!
Better than bad, it's good!

The party encounters and defeats the furnace-spirit, who is quite rude to them, but is pacified by the magical balls (lol) that Ferdinand II gives them. He agrees to power the ship, but he’s not happy about it. After some exploring and a delicious fish dinner prepared by Cheyanne, the party goes to sleep. They are woken by the ship telling them that there are entities incoming, and they ambush said entities and destroy them handily. It seems that they are going after Heron! They have marred brands of Heron’s goddess’ symbol on them, and the party manages to reverse a tracking spell they were using to find their leader. They were all wearing slave collars.

5 dragon tar
flaming weapon +1
5 blastpatch (icepatch)
belt of flanker’s bane
a weapon i don’t remember
some gold i’ll fill this stuff in when i get around to it

Session 1: The Big Tree

So far, the world as we know it consists of many small planets, floating in an inhospitable void. You are currently on Journey’s End, although most of you hail from elsewhere. You have just discovered a ship previously known as the Walled Garden, but now called the Ferdinand II. The intelligence that controls the ship is not wholly in control of all of it’s faculties at the moment, but that will change, and soon. You have contacted the aforementioned intelligence, and are trying to decide what to do next, with it’s help.


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